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Th new launch of Proton X50 in a closed event.

After weeks of anticipation from leaked footage and teasers, Proton finally gave a preview of the Geely Coolray, also known as the Proton X50. The Malaysian automotive company, Proton, aims to sell 4,000 units of its 2020 Proton X50. The new car model has not been released but booking is available for those who want to reserve units before it opens to the public. It looks like the automobile giant may be playing safe with its sales target for this unit.  If it continues to launch the Proton X50 by October, there would only be three months to sell 4,000 cars. That’s an average monthly sale of 1,330 Proton X50 units!

At the press conference for the Proton X50 preview, Edar – Roslan Abdullah, CEO of Proton’s Retail Sales Arm, shared impressive news about the brand. He reveals that despite the initial sales target of 4,000 units, the Malaysian tech giant is ready for the increased demand post-launch. Up to 8,000 units of Proton X50 can be generated from their Tanjung Malim plant until the end of 2020.

Roslan Abdullah (first from the right) at a Proton X50 event launch

Mr. Abdullah also explained that the company is focused on fulfilling domestic demand first. Export for the Proton X50 will only be available once local demand for the model stabilizes – probably by the end of 2021. 

He shares that the export of car units is currently reserved for the X70 model. The compact crossover SUV was recently released in Bangladesh and Brunei

The Proton X50 Brings in Plenty of Computing Power

Expect the Proton X50 to be more technically advanced and cost-efficient than the X70. The Smart Ecosystem (GKUI) information and entertainment system is powered by an ECARX quad-core chip. This chip claims to provide up to five times more computing performance than the Proton X70. The ADAS 2.0 driver aid allows for Level 2 semi-autonomous driving. Car enthusiasts can also turn on the engine and set cabin conditions through the Proton Link app.

With the Malaysian tech giant’s futuristic goals for 2020, we at 4S Professional commends the release of this state of the art car model. The new car uses a push-button type clip size 24 + 18 which doesn’t fit the Teflon Silicone series (hybrid wiper). We aim to improve the Proton X50 buyer’s experience by providing them with the 4S Professional Extreme Silica Series II wiper blade. This is a great alternative for the Teflon Silicone series if you want to change the car’s windshield wipers. 4S Professional produces high-quality car products like engine oil, car detailing microfiber, and car batteries. To prepare for Proton X50’s official launch day, 4S Professional has special deals and promos in-store to go along with your car purchase. Subscribe to our newsletter to get notified of amazing deals and the latest news.

Gray version of Proton X50.


The Proton X50 will have four versions – Standard, Executive, Premium, and Flagship. The new car model will be available in six colors.  There will only be three color options for the Standard variant: Armour Silver, Ocean Blue, and Snow White. Colors Citric Orange and Jet Grey will only be available for the Executive version. Passion Red is exclusively for the Premium and Flagship versions.  All Flagship models will have the dual-tone treatment along with blacked-out roofs and side mirrors.


The price for the Proton X50 has yet to be announced by the Malaysian tech giant. Rumors have been circulating that prices could start from RM75,800 for the Standard variant up to RM104,000 for the Flagship variant.

Eager buyers will have to wait for the official price listing, but this doesn’t mean you can’t reserve a Proton X50 today. The company has opened order books for booking last September 16, 2020.

Book One For Only RM500

All you need to secure your 2020 Proton X50 is a booking fee of RM500. With only three months left, remember that locally-assembled cars have a 100% sales tax exemption. Proton will only be producing 8,000 units of the Proton X50 for 2020, so better reserve your car today to take advantage of the tax break. You’ll have to wait till next year to take advantage of this deal!

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