Toyota Altis 1.6E, 1.8G NS40ZL (40B20L) Extreme-Life Series Car Battery

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  • NS40ZL for All Perodua modelsDaihatsu, Ford, Hyundai, Mazda, Naza, Mitsubishi, Toyota Altis/Prius/Rush and Honda.
  • 36AH / 9 Plates / CCA 380.
  • Battery Dimension: 196mm(L) x 128mm (W) x 222mm (H)
  • Small Terminal size 14.7 / 13.0.
  • Last Longer and Charge Faster from breakthrough HeatSeal Technology.
  • Made in Korea. Maintenance Free Battery For Sedan Cars.
  • New & Fresh Stock From Manufacturer.
  • 24 Months (Petrol) / 6 Months (Diesel) Warranty By Manufacturer’s Condition.
  • Call us 4S Professional Malaysia Careline for Warranty Coverage at 018-290 8655.


  • Brg sampai dlm bungkusan yang sgt baik! Cuma satu accessories tertinggal tapi bukan masalah besar sbb support hantar keesokan harinya. Saya berpuas hati dengan servis dr kompani ini.

  • Product receipt in good condition & well packed . With the warranty, hope that it would last longer. Great bargain price.