4S Professional 21″ / 19″-Inch Extreme Silica Series II Wiper Blade

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  • A pair of 21″ & 19″ -Inch Extreme Silica Series II Wiper Blades.
  • Upgraded NanoSilica Technology for Durability & Clear View.
  • Changing U-hook to Push Button clips in a matter of second using Fast Swap Clip (INCLUDED).
  • X2 Double EXTENDED Life & SLOW Wear & Tear.
  • Infused with NanoSilica with High Water Beading Effect All Year Long.
  • For Tropical & Cold Weather to Last for over 1.8 million cycles (or up to 24 months).



    Applicable Car Models

    For All car models using J-Hook, U-Hook & Push Button 16mm / 19mm.


    Best of All Series

    Next Generation NanoSilica™ from the first patented Silicone give the Flagship series ever longer Wears & Tear Down Slowly by nano-meter, achieving longer Life of the Wiper compare to its predecessor.

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Product Specifications

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 60 × 5 × 5 cm
Front Driver Side


Front Passenger Side


Wiper Arm

J-Hook, Pinch Tab 15mm, Push Button 16mm, Push Button 19mm, Side Lock 17mm & 22mm, U-Hook

Wiper Clip

A, B1, B2, B7, C, H

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3.9 overall

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  1. JAFFRI O (verified owner)

    Thumb up.

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  2. Donald W (verified owner)

    The casing got alittle dent but it doesn’t affect the product. Trusted brand with fast response. Got it in 4 days.

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    Donald W

  3. Kaveen (verified owner)

    Quality battery,delivery and communication are good even during lockdown.

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  4. Muhammad Imra (verified owner)

    Working as intended.

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    Muhammad Imra

  5. Paul (verified owner)

    Quality battery,delivery and communication are good even during lockdown.

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  6. Sayyid M (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery.

    1 product

    Sayyid M

  7. Daniel C (verified owner)

    Good built. Seems like can last for years.

    1 product

    Daniel C

  8. Hoo (verified owner)

    alhamdulillah, barang telah sampai lengkap spt yg ditawarkan, dlm 3hari selps pembayaran.

    1 product


  9. Jane (verified owner)


    1 product


  10. Jacky K (verified owner)


    1 product

    Jacky K

  11. mizi E (verified owner)

    Product received well and in good packing.Thank you.

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    mizi E

  12. Hidayu (verified owner)

    Received in good and fast too.

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  13. Dylan (verified owner)

    Premium quality. Style like original.

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  14. Kayden (verified owner)

    They really responsive.

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  15. Henry Y (verified owner)

    Thumb up.

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    Henry Y

  16. Puteri D (verified owner)

    It was second time buying the product. Super great customer service and responsive.

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    Puteri D

  17. Perlyn H (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

    1 product

    Perlyn H

  18. Yap Kwan S (verified owner)

    fast delivery and item in good condition.

    1 product

    Yap Kwan S

  19. Jessica (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and value for money. Excellent packaging and good quality.

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  20. Camden (verified owner)

    Very powerful.. sweet pricing point and perform like high end expensive product.

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  21. MOHD R (verified owner)

    Fast response.

    1 product

    MOHD R

  22. Fan (verified owner)

    Item sampai dalam keadaan baik. Dapat free gift.

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  23. Anaslee (verified owner)

    fast delivery and item in good condition.

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  24. Matthew (verified owner)

    Can be better if have a storewide discount in future. The price seems steady as far as I can tell for past 6 months. Looking to buy one more.

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  25. Ryan L (verified owner)

    Haven’t try out yet

    1 product

    Ryan L

  26. Law J (verified owner)

    Definitely recommended.

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    Law J