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Sil Wiper

Ford Fiesta 2009-Present 4S Professional Extreme Silica Series Wiper Silicone Blades (1 pair) 2 Years Warranty

  • Perfectly Designed for Ford Fiesta Sport 1.5 1.6 (Hatchback/ Sedan) 2009till Present.
  • Latest Extreme Silica Series with NanoSilicaâ„¢ Technology for Durability & Clear View. 2 Years Limited Warranty.
  • X2 Double EXTENDED life & SILENT Performance.
  • Infused with NanoSilicaâ„¢ with High Water Beading effect All Year Long.
  • For Tropical & Cold Weather to Last for over 1.8 million cycles (or 24 months usage).

Perodua BEZZA 2016-Present 4S Professional Series Wiper Silicone Blades (1 pair) 21" + 14"

  • Perfectly designed for Perodua Bezza.
  • Advanced Japanese Silicone Hybrid Wiper Blade type.
  • Coated withTeflononSilicone Wipersurface for EXTENDED life, SILENT performance.
  • 4S Professional Series Wiper has infused with water beading Nano Technology to auto reapply glass coating with every wipe. Don't need Rain-x anymore. See Video.
  • Suit Tropical weather to last for over 1.5 million cycles (or 18 months usage).

All Product Purchase come with 1 Year Limited Warranty.

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