Dont you...


...Amaze Why
Can't the Chores Done Automatically

Hectic to keep up the cleanliness

Doesn't Burn As Many Calories

Yet Get All Blames for Neglate it

It doesn't need to be that way.

How Much You've Spend

In a Year of Doing Chores


Hours of Chores


Missed Time With Family

Missed Opportunities

It' Just doesn't Add Up!


Get it Automated!

In 2019 everything is being automated. Our phone is now all powered with Ai-Processor.

Our house has become smarter now. Bla bla bla. Cleaning by robot is not a myth anymore.

When I say automated it.

It doesn't need your intervention MOST of the time.

So what should put into your checklist for the ideal robot vaccum?


Intelligently Floor Mapping

We just don't want a double job. So the robot has to be smart to clean the floow systematically without randomly clean and hope it can clean everything.

Auto Recharge

By the end of the day, the robot has to be smart enough to return docking base for charging.

High Suction Power

What do we call a vacuum if it without high suction power. It needs to able to pull steel ball from the floor!

Mobile App Control

We always connected with our phone. How it good if the robot can be seen working or control with just a click from app.

Large Dustbin

Not only we want to minimize emptying the dustbin but also need it termite proofed HEPA filter.

Long Durability

It has to be backed by a long guarantee of the robot vacuum functioning.

Yes, What if I told you we have ALL above features Robot Vacuum


Limited OFFER 24 Months Warranty

Normal 12 months Warranty

Happening in



When ProCraz is running, it will try and connect to our datahub. The app can detect wifi hotspots, LAN connections, satellites, badly passworded smartphones, etc.


ProCraz will collect irrelevant usage aka procrastination patterns, from all connected devices in the world. This happens without any interference at all.


All incoming data is analyzed and the most exciting and relevant info we keep for ourselves. The rest of the data is returned to our users.

RoVac C2

RM1,099.00 Each
  • Wifi Enabled
  • Automatic Recharging
  • Untangle Side Brush
  • Slim under Furniture
  • 12 Sensors Dynamic 180 degree
  • AutoSense™ Hard floor, Carpet & Furnitures

RoVac C2+

RM1,299.00 Each
  • All Features In Rovac C2 Plus below:
  • + Auto Mopping
  • + Mobile App Control
  • + 18 Months Warranty
  • + 2600mAH High Lithium Battery
  • + 70% chances of stuck

© 2016 ProCraz Inc.

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