Perodua Aruz 2018 – Present 14″ + 22″ 1 Pair

Extreme Silica Series

Brilliantly engineered, these silicone wiper blades are designed to withstand the harshest conditions. Guaranteed to last twice as long as comparable wiper blades.

Teflon Silicone Series

Tropical weather is brutal on wiper blades. Massive storms and blazing sun can damage blades with overwhelming downpours and destructive UV rays.



All Series built on Japanese technology and backed by an exclusive 1 or 2-year warranty outperforms every other brand on the market. Years of research and development culminated into this ultimate solution to keep you safe and protected on the road.

● Extreme Silicone Series. Tested and proven to yield maximum aerodynamic performance. All-new special clips for maximum fail-proof security. A two-year warranty guarantees maximum value for the ultimate, unparalleled wiper solution out there.

● Teflon Silicone Series. Our time-tested and trusted Teflon series has been keeping drivers safe in every climate. Backed by a one-year warranty, the Teflon Silicone wiper solution proves an efficient and durable product for drivers everywhere.


Teflon Silicone Wiper

• Advanced Japanese Silicone Hybrid Wiper Blade type.

• Coated with Teflon on Silicone Wiper Surface for EXTENDED life, SILENT performance.

• 4S Professional Series Wiper has infused with water beading Nano Technology to auto reapply glass coating with every wipe. Don’t need Rain-x anymore.

• Suit Tropical weather to last for over 1.5 million cycles (or up to 18 months)


Extreme Silica Series

• Perfectly Designed for Perodua Aruz 2018 onward.. 2 Years Limited Warranty.

• Latest Extreme Silica Series with NanoSilica™ Technology for Durability & Clear View.

• X2 Double EXTENDED life & SILENT Performance.

• Infused with NanoSilica™ with High Water Beading Effect All Year Long.

• For Tropical & Cold Weather to Last for over 1.8 million cycles (or up to 24 months).

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Perodua Aruz 2018 - Present 14
Perodua Aruz 2018 - Present 14" + 22" 1 Pair
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