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How to Choose the Best Drill for Me?


Whether you’re an enthusiastic DIYer or a professional tradesman, choosing the right drill can significantly impact your efforts. Get it right, and jobs can be completed seamlessly in a mere matter of minutes. Get it wrong, and you could be tearing your hair out or looking at potential damage that could set you back more than the cost of a drill.

The problem for the average consumer (and even seasoned pros) is that there are so many drills to choose from. There’s corded or cordless, second handle or no second handle, 3.6V or 12V, and so on. So what do you need to look for in your drill?


How to Assess Different Drills? 

As mentioned above, there are a variety of features that can help you to distinguish differing drill types, which will help you to better match their capabilities to the tasks you have in mind for them. First, you need to compare drilling actions, specifically drill-driving and hammer-drilling.

Drill-driving refers to the action of drilling holes and driving screws. These types of drills are ideal for a wide range of jobs around your home, such as putting up coat hooks or constructing flat-pack furniture. By contrast, hammer drills utilize a different drilling action specifically engineered for drilling through sturdy materials such as brick, cement, or concrete. Without a hammer-drilling action, a typical drill won’t penetrate the surface.

Next comes corded versus cordless. Most drills today are cordless for their increased flexibility, with only the most powerful of drills requiring a powered connection (such as hammer drills). The next immediate consideration, therefore, is the voltage of the battery. A cordless 12V drill might check all the boxes, however, for more heavy-duty workloads that require more torque, you might need to upgrade to an 18V drill model.

Now you know what to look for, here are some of the best corded and cordless drills on the market.


  1. S110 Cordless Screwdriver Drill 3.6V

The smallest drill in the 4S Professional drill range, this 3.6V model can still pack a punch. Amazingly, despite being an entry-level model, this cordless drill packed with a 240V 50Hz motor can even drill through concrete if necessary! 


With its smaller size, this nimble model is ideal for home DIY hobbyists who enjoy putting up shelves, assembling furniture, and taking on other home-based projects. It’s also great for contractors who need to undertake drilling in tight spaces, where other drills would be too big.


  1. S112 Cordless Screwdriver Drill 12V

The best-seller within the 4S Professional product line up, this drill takes advantage of its cordless 12V li-ion battery to produce an impressive torque-speed impact of up to 28 Newton meters. That level of force means that screwing into walls, woods, and ceramics are no problem for this drill. It can even drill through concrete with ease!

An integrated LED light illuminates low-light areas and dark corners, so you never have to compromise on visibility. A keyless quick-release chuck also ensures rapid drill-bit changeovers. Finally, this particular cordless drill comes with an extended two-year warranty, giving you total peace of mind.


  1. S112T Cordless Screwdriver Drill 18V

Building on the successful platform of the S112, the cordless S112T turbocharges performance through its 18V li-ion battery. The larger battery facilitates a torque-speed impact of up to 45 Newton meters, almost twice that of its 12V counterpart.

This model strays into the realms of the professional. It’s designed for rigorous and continuous use on robust materials such as concrete. The extra capacity makes this model ideal for those who consistently use their drills throughout the day, such as cabinet makers and carpenters. It also has the same advantages as the S112, such as LED lighting and an extended two-year warranty.


  1. S1118 SDS Plus Impact Rotary Hammer Drill

If you’re looking for raw power, then you’re in the right place with the S1118. This coded drill utilizes a hammer action to drill through even the most stubborn of surfaces. The choice of most professional contractors; this is a workhorse of a power tool that will work all day under heavy strain.

With three modes to choose from, this model is also one of the most flexible. It comes equipped with rotary variable control speed for hammering and drilling concrete walls, making it an excellent choice for those working within the construction industry. It’s ergonomic design also lessens the impact of long periods of drilling, reducing instances of hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS).


Choose a Drill You Can Trust with 4S Professional 

Here at 4S Professional, we use our decades of engineering expertise to create power tools you can rely upon. From the smallest cordless drill to workhorse drills for professional contractors, we have a power tool suited to your purpose.

With all products coming with at least a one-year warranty, worldwide shipping, and after-sale support services available 24/7, you can have total peace of mind in our products. If you’re still unsure, then let the hundreds of positive reviews for our power tools speak for us.


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