The New 2019 Series

Extreme Silica Series redefine a whole new level of wiper industry. It's the next series after the best selling Teflon Silicone Series launched in 2017. From freezing to blistering heat, these wipers won’t be beat. The patented NanoSilica™ Technology employs a 0.2nm silicone membrane that eliminates windshield streaks before they can happen, for the entire lifetime of the wiper blade, all while remaining impeccably silent. With a two-year limited warranty and the durability worth 1.8 million cycles, it's no wonder this series supports over 80% of cars on the market.

Specialized Modified Silicone Molecular Bonds NanoSilica™ Create a Material that Wears Down Slowly, Extending X2 the Life of the Silicone Wiper.

Smart Design curved-beam and frameless of these wipers contour the curvature of the windshield for the perfect sweep each time. No smudges. No Streaks. Just a clean windshield for a better driving experience.

Proven All-Weather Performance with hydrophobic creates a stronger water-beading effect than regular Teflon silicone wipers in the market. More beading means higher visibility. Making it useful for all seasons.

Two-Year Warranty Promise: The NanoSilica™ Technology reinforces the durability and performance of the nano-silicone. Robust clips keep the wipers secure in place. The high-strength steel skeleton maintains its shape for a minimum of 2 years. The product comes with a 2-year warranty.

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You're Protected By 4S Professional's Unconditional 14-Day Guarantee
When you're buying a car, you can test drive it. When you're buying a house, you can take it a tour of it. We believe you should have the same peace of mind - too! So we're giving you up to 14 risk-free days to try EXTREME SILICA SERIES Wiper and see how it works for you.


Kelsey J. Henson - Amazon Review

Nobody reads long reviews but you should read this. If you are looking for exceptional windshield wipers that are twice as durable as the conventional silicon brands, then you should get your hands on one of these extreme silica series. They are the definition of creativity - Regardless of how much work (sweeps) they do, they always come out well. Among all car accessories, we often neglect the wipers, and I almost learned that it’s a bad idea the hard way. These new extreme silica wipers were easy to install and the water beading design is unlike anything I have seen before.

Their durable and robust build prevents early damage to the wipers and your windshield. I haven’t seen any scratch on my windshield and the blades never miss a spot - not even extremely hot weather, ice or frost can obstruct your view!

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by Adam A. Samuel on 4S Professional Official Site | Malaysia

As a general contractor in construction, my work takes me to different project sites across the country. Regardless of the season (under rain or the sun), if duty calls, I must respond. I used to think that the harsh weather and rugged terrain are responsible for my frequent replacement of wipers until... more

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All Extreme Silica Series Wiper are backed with 2- Year Limited Warranty.




All Extreme Silica Series Wiper are backed with 2- Year Limited Warranty.

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