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We believe in empowering the individuality of our community. Investing heavily in research and production that will take your adventures to the next level. We’ve buckled up for a long journey with our customers so we continuously drive our products for excellence & innovation. Our community is in the heart of everything that we do so we foster an environment of learning, creativity, and feedback.


Who are we looking

We especially know how a million parts create the best experiences for our customers. So we’re looking for car enthusiasts who also want to champion expression, individuality, and innovation. You won’t need to be a NASCAR driver or a mechanical engineer, but if you have the drive and enthusiasm for cars like we have – you might be our guy. We celebrate the ideas that make you unique and invest in your development. So when you’re ready to do what you love, here’s where you can start:


Do you feel good when people come to you for car advice? How about doing it full-time? Our Support Team will be the trusted confidant, adviser, and expert for our customers on anything about cars and our products.

They will be answering questions, recommending solutions, and teaching customers how our products aim to make their driving experience better. We’re focused on finding knowledgeable people who can embody our after-sales care mantra.

If you have:

– Experience in customer support
– Knowledge about the car industry
– Experience using help desk software and remote support tools
– Understanding of how CRM systems work
– Excellent communication and problem-solving skills
– Multi-tasking abilities
– Patience when handling tough cases

Speed of light

Answer questions in the fastest and most convenient way possible for our customers

Mind Reading

Know what our customers need and teach them how our products solve their needs.


Take note of what customers say about how we can improve our products

The Fixer

Update database for recurring technical issues and useful discussions with customers

Customer Best friend

Share with customers about new products and product features


Share product improvement suggestions from customers with the team


If you like posting and sharing about how unique your car is, a place in our digital marketing department might be up your alley. The 4S Professional Digital Marketing Team will be creating and applying strategies for the growth and reach of our community online.

Community management, public relations, partnerships, and design is part of their daily goals. Keep an eye out for social media trends, make sense of online data, and reach out to fellow car enthusiasts for us.

If you have:

– A college degree related to Marketing, Digital, Business or Communication
– Relevant work experience in the field
– Experience in producing content, and SEO/SEM
– Great understanding of the automobile market
– Strong project management and execute seamlessly
– A keen sense for creativity

Content Creation

Head strategy and content creation for our social media accounts

Keep in Trend

Keep an eye on the market and on fellow car brands to learn how we can talk with our customers better online

Oversee Campaign

Make sure that all online campaigns are smooth and cohesive.

Social Media

Grow our online car community using metrics and analytics.


Communicate with different partners on how we could better market the brand.


Being surrounded by the best car gear and assembling parts sound exciting for you? You’ll have a blast with our enthusiastic fulfillment team in charge of handling our products. A typical day includes offloading stock deliveries, processing work orders, locating merchandise, and packaging orders for shipment.

We need someone who can take care of our products so that our customers get them in the best condition. They need to understand fulfillment procedures, have a keen eye for details, and deliver quickly and efficiently. The success of our fulfillment team is a testament to the quality of our products.

If you have:
- High school diploma or equivalent
- Knowledge of warehousing procedures
- Previous experience in a fulfillment position
- Ability to read and interpret written work orders.
- Strong attention to detail.
- The ability to lift heavy objects.
- The ability to work in a loud environment.
- The ability to read and take direction in multi-tasks environment.

Machine Man

Offload products from delivery to the warehouse

The Traffic Guy

Arranging incoming deliveries in designated storage areas.


Performing warehouse duties using necessary equipment for the safe transport of products

Ai Powered Packer

Locating and taking out products from shelves and storage areas. Matching product information to the specific work order and packing the products for delivery.

Superman vision

Inspecting the merchandise for damage, flaws, and irregularities.

Chef of Warehouse

Inspecting the merchandise for damage, flaws, and irregularities.Finalizing the work order and updating the database. Show care and safety with handling products


Love finding the best prices and deals for your car accessories? We love your eye for value. The Finance Team plays an important role in making our business work.

They identify the necessary resources to support each team’s success. Team members will lead in the financial processes and ensure that we follow accounting regulations.

If you have:
– A degree in accountancy, finance or equivalent
– The skills to work with a lean team and encourage creating better workflow processes while developing a continuous improvement culture.
– Working experience in costing/finance
– Advanced skills in Excel, PowerPoint, and financial accounting software.
– Excellent communication skills.
The eye for details with effective planning & organization skills.


Plan and manage cash flow and all financial accounts to ensure that all parts of the business have enough funding to function.


Prepare financial statements and analyze performance data to forecast and budget resources. You should be able to distinguish actuals to forecasted and suggest how to optimize each.


Report on key business metrics like Profitability, Inventory, Cash flow, Capex Investment, HeadCount Investment, Cost Containment Initiatives.

The always-reliable-guy

Identify product profitability for inventory management and cost optimization

Social King

Communicate with external auditors, tax agents, solicitors, bankers, company secretary, other professional and regulatory bodies.

Chef of Everything

Lead the implementation and establishment of good corporate governance, best practices, internal controls, and policies.

Get started and Join Us!

We believes in placing the right products with the right people. We believe in being open to growth and supporting each other to create a space for self-expression – one engine at a time. We strive to challenge industry giants by improving the quality of life with better technology.

We like to have fun more than we like to work so we’ve created a program where different countries host our annual vacation trip. This year was dedicated to exploring the beauty of Malaysia but we had to reschedule due to COVID-19. Part of our upcoming activities includes a sponsorship program designed last 2018. Team members who have been with us for a while are eligible for the program and can nominate family members. We invest in each other’s development, champion ideas, and reward team effort. We take care of each other in every way we can.

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